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If you are interest in selling our products. It's easy like a breeze, we care about everyone who help us. We do think you should have your own custom build for every version we released. Affiliator make it very easy for you to control this. you don't need to wait 5-10 days to get the custom build from us, but build your custom build yourself. Affiliator is a tool developed by Retsina Software Solutions.  It makes affiliate not a headache anymore.

We are using RegNow affiliate system to track & manage our sales. If you don't have one yet, you can apply it here for Free.

Affiliator is a command line tool to create your own custom build by yourself, you can download it from our web site

How to use it?
1. Download the standard installation file from our website, You can download IEJet from http://iemate.retsinasoftware.com/popkiller.exe, PDF Plain Text Extractor from http://www.pdf2text.com/download/P2TTrial.exe.

2. Copy the product into the same folder of the Affiliator.
3. Open a dos window and go to the folder of Affiliator.
4. Run Affiliator without parameters for the help
Usage: Affiliator <product> <AffiliateID>
   <product>:      The name of our product, can be 'IEJet', 'P2T
   <AffiliateID>:  The affiliate ID on regnow.com
Affiliator can only support two products right now, one is IEJet , the other is P2T(PDF Plain Text Extractor).
5. Create your own custom build with your affiliate ID. Copy The product's installation file to the same folder of Affiliator. and run Affiliator to create your own custom build.
For Example. you want to create custom build for PDF Plain Text Extractor. your RegNow affiliate ID is 17979.

  • first, you download P2TTrial.exe from our website and copy it to the same folder of Affiliator.
  • Second. Run 'Affiliator P2T 17979'  from the command line (no quotation marks)

  • If everything is correct. The Affiliator with show message:
    The custom build for affiliator 17979 was created successfully. Please
    run P2TTrial17979.exe, to test it before you distribute it.

    File P2TTrial17979.exe will be created in the same folder. you can put it onto your own download website and sit back wait for the sales(Be sure to check it to see the buy link is correct or not before you distribute it.)

    If you have your own credit card processor, you can also apply our reseller program, every time you get an order, you can collect money first from your customer then buy it from our reseller section and get the registration information instantly. The current discount for reseller is 30%.

    If there's any question or problem, don't heistate to contact us at affiliate@retsinasoftware.com