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I tried tens of Popup Killers. but this one is the best i ever used. block almost all the popup ads, but you can always open a window when you want. lots of popup killer over-kill a little bit. but this one work fine. To be surprised, it also contain some little useful tools such BOSS KEY, Source code Key. and image size controller... really a good deal, recommend !

This popup stopper knocks them down before they rear their ugly heads. I've given others a try and this is, by far, the best and most effective. After you install, if you don't see the IE Mate Icon in your browser toolbar, right-click any other existing icon (like the print icon) and pick "customize". Scroll down in the lift window to find the icon. Then add it to your current toolbr buttons.

Browsing the web without a Popup Killer is a complete waste of time. IEMate makes IE usable.

the best one i ever tried. works smoothly on my desktop, it's xp. u even don't know it's there, but it handle all the un expected pop ads and also can block macromedia flash, amazing!!!
-Hazel Z.

I tried lots of this kind of popup killer, this is the only one can block messenger spam, before I install it, i got messenger spam 8-15 everyday, now, it's zero. recommend.

I am lazy to write any comment for software before, but this one is toooo good. simple and smart, after I installed it, there's a total different clean web browsing. no popup, no messenger spam, no flash.... oh, yeah, the COOL Boss Key, that's really a awesome feature.
-Mark. L

The best ad blocker i ever tried. it's more than an ad blocker, but you can also use it to get more, Alt+F12 to get the source code, it's useful sometime, the image size control function is also great, actually, i do think it save lots of bandwidth, cos i am using phone line to access internet, bandwidth is important to me.
-Danny B.



IEJet-Popup Killer & Ad Stopper 


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More Than 39% web sites contain popup/popunder or/and entry/exit ad windows, It makes surf on net is not a kind of enjoyment any more but definitely painful. Messenger Spam, as a new way to advertise online, it grows rapidly, everyone has the unpleasant experience of being disturbed by unexpected messenger Spams 10-30 times within a single day. Big Macromedia Flash is another kind of online advertisement. The large animated ads take up half the screen and the valuable bandwidth of your internet connection. If you are using phone line to access internet. bandwidth is more valuable than Cable/ADSL connection. Maybe you want to discard the big images to save your precious juice. IEJet can keep you away from these hazards when you surf on net. IEJet make surfing on net smoothly and joyful. Please feel confident to check out our awards from the major software download websites
IEJet is a plug-in of Internet Explorer from Microsoft. It only works with Internet Explorer(5.0 and greater).

Compare IEJet with other Popup Killers




Block known Popup/Popunder

Block unknown Popup/Popunder


Block web page dialog ads


Block mouseover & timed popups


Block popups before it is downloaded


Save bandwidth


Zero CPU Time cost


No need to setup keywords/proxy settings

Popup notification on blocking


Pass Key to temporarily allow popups


Anything special can IEJet offer me ?

      RetsinaTM Smart Block Engine It's the core technology of IEJet, It keeps IEJet work smartly and efficiently. there's no redundant popup control logic in the software. IEJet is only 57.8 KB in zip format. compare to other popup killers (all of them are 1000k+) you can know how efficient RetsinaTM Smart Block Engine is.

      Messenger Spam Blocker Messenger Spam is getting popular today, IEJet is the only Popup Killer that can handle this kind of Spam. Don't know what's Messenger Spam ? visit www.messengerstopper.com for detail information.  

      Macromedia Flash Downloading Controller More and more ads were show up as flash. Now you have an option to disable/enable these large animated  ads.

      Image Downloading Controller When you access internet using phone line, maybe you won't download the big images, bandwidth is so limited for you, you need this awesome function, you can tell IEJet what's the biggest image size you want to download and IEJet will filter the images for you automatically.

      JavaScript RunTime Error Controller Some web sites go live with JavaScript bugs, When you access these web sites, you will be annoyed by endless JavaScript Error Dialog, IEJet can handle it, It makes you surf smoothly and more comfortable.

      BOSS Key You can press hot key "Alt+Z" to minimize all IE windows or press "Alt+X" to kill all IE windows within one second at anytime when you browse the internet, It's useful in office, uh ?

      Alternative ways to disable IEJet temporarily You have two ways to disable IEJet temporarily 1. Maybe you just wanna disable IEJet for one click, you can hold on the key "Ctrl" when you click on a link. 2. You can press "Alt+*" ('*' is the key on small key pad ) to disable/enable IEJet for several minutes or longer time.

      Magic key to get the source code. You can press Alt+F12 whenever you wanna get the source code of the current web page. It works even when the right mouse click was disabled on the web site.

      30 days free evaluation!!!  Compare to other products' 15 days free evaluation, you get double time to see is it worth you to buy it or not. Just try it out today!!!  

Need more information about IEJet? Please read the IEJet online help file here

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