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Download Tips
Both IEJet-Popup Killer & Ad Stopper and PDF Plain  Text Extractor  are not very big. We made everything compact and efficient. So Single thread download is fine. multiple thread download is ok, but not suggested.
IEJet-Popup Killer & Ad Stopper V1.4
Key Features:
  • Block the annoying popup ad/ads windows;
  • Block Messenger Spam(which is getting popular today);
  • Block Macromedia Flash;
  • BOSS KEY to minimize/close all IE windows within 1 second;
  • Alternative ways to disable IEMate temporarily;
  • Disable Load/Unload JavaScript;
  • Control the images size that you want to download(This function is useful when you are using dial up to access internet); Save bandwith when you surf on net;
  • The most important feature is: It's small and smart, It never interferes with normal browsing !!! It makes you surf on net more comfortable and smoothly.

Platforms supported:

Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP, IE 5.0 and greater

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PDF Plain Text Extractor V4.0
Key Features:
  • Analyze and extract text from pdf file directly.
  • The pdf document's layout will be reserved in output text file.
  • Don't need any third party products or SDK's help. You don't need to install Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader on your computer.
  • Supports batch mode. You can convert the folder/folder tree use one single command.
  • Support Convert List, you can save your  pdf converting list for future use.
  • Compact and efficient, precise and performance is our goal
  • Handy graphic user interface to fulfill all kind of your requirement .
  • We also provide DLL/COM edition for those people who want to integrate and redistribute PDF Plain Text Extractor with their own application.
  • Support Unicode, Multi-bytes languages(Chinese,Korean,Japanese) and Eeauropean languages.
  • Support Type0,Type1,Type3,TrueType fonts and CIDFont,CMap

Platforms supported:

Win 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP

Standard Version       Server Edition