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IEJet-Popup Killer & Ad Stopper

How can I disable IEJet temporarily ?

  • There's two ways to active/inactive IEJet temporarily. 1> hold key 'Ctrl' when you browse or click on a link. 2> If you want to disable IEJet for several minutes or longer, you can disable/enable IEJet temporarily by toggle Alt+Num*(the '*' on the small key pad).

I installed IEJet, but I can't find the funny icon, how could I do?

  • Well, You can't see the icon because you customize the IE toolbar, you need to add the icon the to tool bar manually in this case, please refer IEJet online help file for the solution.

What's BOSS key, how to use it?

  • BOSS key is the hot key to close or minimize all IE windows by one key touch. "Atl+Z" to minimize all IE windows; "Atl+X" to close all IE windows.

I installed it on my win 98 , but The popup windows seems not going less anything I did wrong?

  • No, it's not your fault, IEJet doesn't support Win 95/98, IEJet can work well on Win Me, Win NT, Win 2000 and Win XP. IEJet also need Internet Explorer 5.0 and greater. 

Can IEJet works well with Netscape or other web browsers?

  • No, IEJet can only work with Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

I input the register code/name you sent me, but IEJet keep telling me to buy or register everyday when I boot the computer, what's wrong with it?

  • Please check the username and register code you inputted, Both leading blank space and tail blank space should be trimmed. Both username and register code are case sensitive also. 

Can IEJet filter spam emails?

  • No, IEJet only works on spam ads and popup windows related to Internet Explorer.

PDF Plain Text Extractor

Why the text file generated by P2T is in a mess Is there any way to keep the line break and the layout of the document?

  • Please check out our latest version V3.0, The layout can be reserved in the new version.

Do I need to install Acrobat or Acrobat reader to make P2T works?

  • No, you don't need any 3rd party software to make P2T work. P2T works on the raw pdf file directly. So you don't need spend another $xxx to just extract text from pdf file.

I saw P2T support PDF specification 1.x, Does it works on my old pdf files?

  • Yes, P2T can works on pdf files that compatible with PDF spcecification 1.5 and lower. 

Does P2T works on pdf files that encoded using LZWDecode?

  • Yes, P2T supports LZWDecode.

Can I integrate the standard version into my own application and redistribute it?

  • No, PDF Plain Text Extractor Standard Edition is for end user, you can't redistribute it. If you want to integrate P2T into your own application and redistribute it, please take a look on PDF Plain  Text Extractor DLL Edition or contact sales@retsinasoftware.com for unlimited site version.

Does P2T supports encrypted pdf files?

  • No, P2T doesn't support encrypted pdf files.