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Nice Tool for converting PDF to Text
The best part I like about this program, is that it does not have to be installed. Just download one file to a directory on your C: drive and run it from command line. Keep up the good work.
-Jim Smith

good software, Help me out in time
good feature with reasonable price. you don't need expensive acrobat, just this small tool you can get the text easily from pdf file.
-John. W

nice tool, also works great on rotated files
before I try this one, I tried several similar tools but this one is the first one that can handle rotated pdf files properly.
-Gregory G.

Good !, it's easy to integrate to my app
Someone don't like it just coz it doesn't have GUI, but this make it easily to integrate into my app. command line is for guru :)

great software, but if add graphic user interface, it will be perfect.



PDF Plain Text Extractor

    If you are looking for server side component/redstributable dll/COM component, Please visit www.pdf2text.com for more information.


PDF Plain Text Extractor(P2T) is a tool that can extract plain text from PDF files without any PDF SDK or other third party lib's help. You don't need any products from Adobe (neither Adobe Acrobat Reader nor Adobe Acrobat) installed on your computer.  P2T focus on text extraction from pdf file. It analyzes the raw pdf file directly and extract plain text from it. The layout of the document is reserved. Performance and precision are our goal.  
P2T supports PDF specification 1.x. Compare to Ver3.0, P2T Ver4.0 supports Unicode and muliti-bytes languages, It can process PDF file in English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and European languages . P2T is the most favorite PDF to Text converter on download.com, more than 173,000 users from all over the world have downloaded it since we released P2T V2.1 on June 24, 2002, Visit www.download.com for detail information.
Beside the standard edition, we also offer p2t V3.0 binaries (dll/COM) for the following platforms:
    Win 98
    Win Me
    Win NT 4.0
    Win XP

PDF Plain Text Extractor has following features:

1. The layout of pdf document is reserved.
2. Don't need any third party products(such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat reader)
3. Support LZW encoded pdf documents.
4. Supports English, French, German, Italian and other languages.
5. You can Drag&Drop pdf document to finish conversion.
6. Can convert the whole folder( recursive or not)
7. Can convert pdf files from different location of your hard drives at one time.
8. Can save your converting pdf file list for future use.
9. Can output page ranges of the document.
10. Can set the page break string to separate pages.
11. Can set output page number with page break string.
12. Can browse the pdf file's information(Title/Auther/Create date...) through graphic user interface.
13. Have the option to output pdf file's information to the output text file.
14. Can set the output folder for individual pdf file or all the pdf files in the converting list.
15. Support Unicode, muliti-bytes languages.
16. Support Type0, Type1, Type3, TrueType, CIDFont fonts.

Want to know more about the features and how to use PDF Plain Text Extractor, Please read PDF Plain Text Extractor Online Help file for detail information.

See converting example here

You can download PDF Plain Text Extractor standard edition trial version here. The trial version can only process the first 5 pages of the pdf document, You have 15 days to evaluate it free. If you want to get rid of the time limitation and make it work on the entire document. please contact sales@retsinasoftware.com or buy it online here.

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